My Christian School

Christian schools are different. It’s this difference that is the reason why you choose to send your children to ƵIOS.

Christian schools also make a difference. According to the Cardus Education Survey, graduates of Christian schools:
- Feel better prepared to find meaning, purpose and direction in life;
- Are more likely to volunteer with organisations that help the elderly and care for the environment; and
- Are more likely to belong to a trade union or political party.

This difference isn’t an accident. The gospel shapes our lives with an eternal purpose, transforms our relationships and compels us to love our neighbours (and even our enemies).

At the heart of this difference is the authentic faith of our teachers and staff. But some “experts” don’t value this difference. They want to take away the ability of schools like ours to be able to hire teachers and staff who not only believe but also live these life-changing values.

In December, the Australian Law Reform Commission will be to the Australian Government that could have big changes to the future of our school.

is a new grassroots movement of Australians who believe in the difference Christian schools make. ƵIOS is a part of this movement and your help is needed to pass on this difference for future generations.

Please visit the website and sign-up to show your support. Together, we can preserve the precious difference of Christian schools.