Our College

Board of Directors

ƵIOS is distinctly Christian as its core purpose reflects:

To equip students for a life of redemptive action through

a holistic education grounded in a Biblical perspective.


The College operates as a ministry of ƵIOS Baptist Church and is a member of Christian Schools Australia (CSA), an association serving the Christian movement nationally and of the Association of Independent Schools of NSW (AIS).

The College is a member of the group of schools and is governed by the Board of . The Executive Principal of Melos Education leads a team of School Principals and is accountable to the Board for the appointment and support of the Principal of each school in the group. The Principal of ƵIOS is responsible for leadership and management of the College and its operations. The Board focuses its agenda on matters of company policy, sound financial oversight, and providing guidance to the Principal, via the Executive Principal, about the future direction of the College and developing plans towards achieving the Core Purpose whilst maintaining our distinctiveness.

Board members bring varying gifts and talents to their role, seeking specific expertise and support if and when required. Melos Education Limited (the College Company) is a not-for-profit public company limited by guarantee with a Board of Directors elected by company members who are also members of ƵIOS Baptist Church.