The History Of


The original vision of the people from ƵIOS Baptist Church was to offer education to the children of Christian families who wanted Christian values and Biblical principles supported in their children’s learning. 

The College began in 1982 with an enrolment of just 17 students from Kindergarten to Year 6 and one teacher. By 2004 enrolment numbers reached over 1,000 students from Kindergarten to Year 12. The College’s original motto – “Grow Up Into Christ”, was adopted from the Christian Schools Australia motto and the school was seen as an extension of the home in order to give the children an education which was consistent with the authority and teaching which was given by their parents. As the school grew, the name was changed in 1995 from ƵIOS Baptist Christian Community School to ƵIOS and the uniform was updated to new colours and style. A new Vision Statement was formulated – "Excellence in Christ Centred Education".

The first buildings were provided by ƵIOS Baptist Church and permanent educational facilities were first constructed on the present site in 1989. During the ensuing years, many new facilities have been constructed in line with the growing needs of the College.

The College continues to have a commitment to provide quality educational facilities and resources, to maintain excellence in education and to give each student the opportunity to reach their God given potential.

List of past Principals:

Mr Michael Carman (Teacher in Charge) 1982 – 1983

Miss Suzanne Herbert (Teacher in Charge) 1984

Mr Graham Vant (Teacher in Charge) 1985 – 1989

Mr Rodney Lynn (Principal) 1990 – 1994

Mrs Sue Skuthorpe (Acting Principal) Term 4 1994

Mr Keith Francis (Principal) 1995 - 2001

Mr Peter Bosker (Principal) 2002 – 2005

Mr Wayne Parks (Principal) 2005 – 2011

Mrs Debra Walls (Principal) 2012 – October 2018

Mrs Jane McLarty (Acting Principal) November 2018 – May 2019

Mr Phillip Nash (Principal) June 2019 - December 2023

Mr Joel Van Bentum (Principal) January 2024 - present